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HP Pagewide

HP PageWide

The Rules of Printing Reinvented: HP PageWide Business Printers

Whether you’re a small startup company or a large corporation, what you print for the world to see is what defines you to your audience. So make a big impression every time -- with the best technology on the market for the lowest cost of ownership. Introducing HP PageWide - business printers with five models that are best in their class. HP has designed a new standard in business printing that combines amazing print speeds with energy efficiency and superior color for up to 50 percent less cost per page than similar color laser printers.

How HP Does It

Instead of using a printhead that travels back and forth across the page, HP PageWide Technology uses a stationary printhead that spans the width of a page and contains more than 40,000 tiny nozzles. This brilliant technology allows HP printers to print up to two times faster than comparable models while using less energy.

With HP PageWide your ability to increase both production and your bottom line can be a reality.

Which Model is Best for You?

We can offer our expert opinion on which model is right for your office and printing needs, whether it be a classic laserjet printer or a multi-function (MFP) machine with scan, print, copy and digital capabilities. And finally, we can provide the printer cartridges, software training, service and repair options when needed, making us your complete customer support package for all HP products in your office. Each of the models below are best suited for use by five to 15 people, and can print up to 70 pages per minute.

Learn how you can take your print production to the next level.


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