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What's Your Calendar Style?

The Deskpad Calendar

The deskpad calendar positions itself right under your keyboard, or next to, or near to, or wherever, but it’s generally right under your nose so you don’t have to look far to find the date and scribble down an appointment. This calendar oft doubles as a coffee coaster and will sometimes take on the appearance of mug rings. Also makes a nice doodle pad during long phone conferences. It becomes a critical part of your desk, like a leg, but not that.


The Monthly Wall Calendar

The monthly wall calendar is similar in style to the deskpad calendar, but more for those who are posture-conscious and wanting to look up rather than down. You have to move an extra two feet to write something down, but you’re less distracted by your own scribbles since it’s not right under your nose. They come in plain, plain and more plain, inspirational, scenic, cute-warm-fuzzy, and so on. Lots of different sizes too.


Erasable Monthly Wall Calendar

For the non-committal type, our monthly wall planners let you book, un-book and re-book as much as you want. Basically, see the description for monthly wall calendar above and add “slightly cooler because you get to use a dry erase marker.” Get a multi-color pack of pens too because obviously some plans are more important than others.