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The Ultimate In-Office Holiday Party Checklist

‘Tis the season to be making a checklist for your office holiday party or potluck. NuLeaf Office Solutions makes it easy for you – simply add these items to your cart (check quantities!) and you’ll be ready for the celebration way ahead of schedule.

1) Table Cover – From plastic rolls to stretch fabric, you can make clean up super easy.

2) Cleansing Wipes – Prefer not to use a table cover? Get some compostable cleansing wipes to quickly clean up the mess when the party’s over.

3) Pretty Paper Plates – From clear plastic to heavy-duty paper, and even square-shaped, we've got multiple options for dinnerware.

4) Fancy Platters – Heavyweight paper platters that stand up against grease and moisture.

5) Utensils – Unless you’re only serving finger foods, you’ll want to be prepared with plastic forks, spoons and knives.

6) Napkins – Fancy foods or finger foods, you’ll want napkins for your event. We’ve got everything from dispenser napkins, to folded dinner napkins, to the pre-packaged napkin and utensil sets, to beverage napkins and more.

7) Coffee and Tea Service – No matter what time of day, someone will always appreciate a cup of fresh coffee or tea. Might we suggest your fall potluck include pumpkin spice creamer? Or perhaps peppermint mocha creamer for the Christmas party?

8) BeveragesBottled Water is a given. Flavored sparkling water like San Pellegrino or La Croix is a plus. Thirst quenchers like Gatorade also go over well, as would juice such as Ocean Spray.  

9) Cups – Plastic or paper, however you take your drink, we have the cup for you.

10) Air Fresheners – Don’t let your people walk into a boardroom that smells like meetings, or a breakroom that smells like yesterday’s lunch. Surprise their senses with a sweet scent, we have plenty of room fresheners to choose from!

11) Candy – Because sitting out in a bowl, it will always get eaten. And it doubles as a decoration.

12) Décor – We have colorful borders, motivational posters, and bulletin board paper to spruce up your party room. Don't forget the Command hooks for easy hanging!

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