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LearnFit: Promoting Healthy Classrooms

LearnFit: Promoting Healthy Classrooms

Studies show that a low-level physical classroom can improve students’

  1. Health: Reduces risk of obesity and increases heart rates to maintain insulin effectiveness.
  2. Classroom Engagement: Improves attention span and attentiveness to the lessons being taught. Keeps kids on task. Increases blood circulation and oxygenation leading to more alertness and better concentration.
  3. Academic Performance: Improves scores on standardized tests and faster thinking skills. Sustains healthy metabolism which leads to better focus.

NuLeaf Office Solutions is proudly partnered with Ergotron, a company that promotes healthy active lifestyles whether you’re stuck in the office or classroom all day long. With the decline of recess, kids need more opportunities to be active throughout the day, and Ergotron’s LearnFit system is the perfect solution.

Transform classrooms into active learning environments with LearnFit Adjustable Standing Desks for students. With the simple squeeze of a hand lever, kids can change the height of their desktops to their preferred level so they can easily stand up and regain their focus. The desks are optimized for students in grades 4 through adult. Pair it with the Classroom Stool accessory to accommodate occasional sitting. The adjustable desks are so easy they don’t disrupt any learning, and in fact enhance the classroom experience as a whole.

We’ve seen firsthand the huge impact that standing and movement has on sedentary workers with our WorkFit series, and we’re passionate about delivering those same values to students.

Contact NuLeaf if you would like more information about Ergotron’s LearnFit Adjustable Standing Desk for students, or if you would like to learn more about our entire catalog of print and office supplies.

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